ordering. how we work.

we highly recommend reading this page prior to ordering.

all your purchases are made to order. this allows us, as a environmentally conscious start up, to reduce waste. this also means that a lot of care goes into each individual order. 

once your order is placed, we then contact our supplier, the garment is then shipped to us and we begin the process of making it séz.

we work with local companies to achieve the séz. look. with all your orders, we begin by getting the centre chest logo embroidered. if you have ordered from our origins collection we then take the garment to receive the DTG arch print, this process can vary in the amount of time it takes.

once the garment is ready, we then prepare for shipping.

we therefore would like you to be aware of the potential for the whole process, order to delivery, to take anything up to two weeks.

please also be aware that are all our garments are made to order we can't offer refunds/replacements (more information found in our refund policy, found at the bottom of the home page)

we appreciate your patience and support.